How to make a playing card top hat

I saw the idea on Pinterest to make a top hat out of playing cards and I just couldn’t resist trying it. Although the suggested method took more then one deck of cards. So I decided to do it my own way. This method uses a full deck of cards (minus the jokers).

What you’ll need:

A hot glue gun and a few glue sticks OR a stapler

One deck of playing cards

Step 1:

We’ll start with the brim of the hat. To do this, we need to make sure it is a perfect circle. Take a pen and some string that’s 2 1/2 inches long. Place the string on a piece of paper and hold it steady. Then swivel the pen around the paper until it makes a 5 inch diameter circle.


Step 2:

Now that we have our layout, shuffle your cards and place them on the paper around the outside of the circle, gluing or stapling them together as you go. You will have to overlap them a bit. You should be using 16 cards for this step.


Step 3:

Now we will start on the top part of the hat. This will be two layers of cards. Glue or staple 11 cards end to end (slightly overlapping them). Do this twice for the two layers. Then attach the layers together by bending them into circles. Then place one layer inside the other with most of the cards showing.


Step 4:

The last thing we have to do is the very top of the hat. Or the “lid” as I call it (I’m not very hat savvy). Take your 12 remaining cards and glue or staple them together in a 4×3 area. Then put the cards face down and trace the shape of where the lid is going to be. Then cut out the circle and glue it to the top.


The end result should look like this.


Feel free to add a solid color sash or ribbon and even some feathers!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! I know I had fun doing it. If you make a top hat of your own let me know! I want to see your creations.

How to make a human puppet video

Yesterday my cousins and I were filming videos and they showed me a neat trick. I call it a “human puppet.”

It’s actually very simple to do. It’s best done on a smart phone that has the time lapse option.

Film in time lapse. The “puppeteer” instructs what the “puppet” should be doing. Do the motions very slowly. Do this for as long as you like. With the time lapse option you won’t hear the “puppeteer” talking.

Shipwrecked Questions

Today I have put together a vlog answering some questions from my followers on Instagram. Every once in a while I will be doing vlogs because I really enjoy filming them but they are more time consuming.

Two years of running, and six medals to show for it


I have been running long distance for two and a half years. I started when I was 13 years old, when I trained for my first half marathon, which I then completed when I was 14 in January 2013. After that first race I was hooked. The excitement of the blaring music and being surrounded by thousands of people with a common goal sure does give you motivation.

It wasn’t long before I signed up for my next half marathon (Disney’s Wine and Dine) that I completed November of the same year. It was such a different experience. The race started at 10:00pm. It seemed weird not having to wake up really early. It was amazing getting to run through Epcot and Hollywood studios at night after the parks were closed. Since it was in November, even the Osborn Lights in Hollywood Studios were still out, which was probably my favorite part about the race.

The next year, when my dad was running the Goofy exactly one year after my first race, we heard of a half marathon that took place two months later. It was the Daytona Beach half marathon. I jumped right in, and with very little training, I actually beat my best time while being injured along the way. It was defiantly different then what I was used to since it wasn’t a Disney race. But it was still fun and a great trip that my dad and I got to enjoy.

After that race in February of 2014 I stopped running altogether. I pulled my planter fascia, a muscle on the underside of my foot. It prevented me from running at all, and it took months to heal. To this day I still don’t know how exactly I injured it, but I was lucky I finished the race.

After not running for several months I found out my dad wanted to run the Disney Dopey. Which is running the 5K, 10K, half marathon, and full marathon back to back. I’m still not old enough for the marathon, but I decided to sign up for the 5K, 10K and half.

I have to admit I didn’t do much training for those races. I decided after that I don’t enjoy training. But two years exactly after running my first half marathon, I finished my fourth. Now I can proudly display 6 medals on my wall that I acquired in two years.

I’ve decided it’s time to take a break. I’m going to step back from the months of training to focus on faster short distance races. I’m going to build up my endurance and work on burst training. Because I think that’s what I love most about running, just running hard and fast for as long as you can, instead of a slow trot for 13.1 miles.

Poems, Poems Everywhere

The other night I had the sudden desire to get back into writing poetry. I’ve written a poem from time to time but I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy it.

I also realized poems are a great tool to learn about the characters in your book. In my case, I wrote a poem that describes the personalities of my three main characters. As I wrote them I learned more about each character. I hope you enjoy these short poems as much as I enjoyed writing them.

She keeps to herself, with no one to talk to.
She spends her time wondering, what she could be.
So much potential is hidden inside. But without a voice, to speak for herself.

With all that talk, and all the boldness. She keeps her head high with with her confidence.
But hidden inside, there is a voice crying out. Trying to hide her incompetence.

He wants to travel, and see the world.
With all the potential of things to see.
But something keeps him in a gripped hold.
The fear of being held, for eternity.

How To Edit A Photo Using Procreate For iPad

I have noticed many editing tools in the drawing app Procreate that also seemed like they could be useful in editing photos. When I came across a problem with a photo I took that needed to be fixed, I knew Procreate could solve the problem. The problem I had with this picture was the defined crease in the paper background as well as the cardboard on the sides. The sculpture was a bit too large for my light box.


Step 1: trace your subject

First we need to make sure nothing happens to the subject while we are editing. Use the selection tool (the S in the toolbar) to trace around the outline of the subject. When you’ve made a full loop around your subject press the “-” sign on the right side of your screen. Your subject should have grey lines passing across it, this means now nothing you do can touch it. Make sure you take your time in the lining process.

Step 2: cover the background

We need to get rid of the cardboard in the background. To do this we want a shade of white as close as possible to the paper. Use your eye dropper (press and hold on the area you want to copy color. If the eye dropper does not appear, go to settings to change it) and select a color near the middle of the paper. Now color in the sides until you can no longer see the cardboard. Since your subject is selected you don’t have to worry about working around it.


Step 3: blend it together

After coloring you’ll notice the color doesn’t quite match the paper in the background. This is because the paper isn’t one solid color. Take your blending tool (the hand on the toolbar) and select the type of blending of your choice. Then use it to blend all the color together and blend the creases of the paper. Keep doing this until your happy with the result. If you drag color out from your subject, don’t worry. It doesn’t affect your subject, it’s just dragging out the color. The end result should look something like this.


A Letter To My Future Self


Dear future me,

I have high expectations for you. We have many dreams that need accomplishing. But I want you to know whatever troubles you may go through to never give up. I want to tell you this now while my hopes and dreams are still fresh in my mind. I’m writing this to you to make sure you don’t loose sight of what’s important. Because while now most of my ability is just dreaming about the future and preparing for it, you are the one that has to actually go through with my planning. You may even think I’m crazy for the things I have planned for us. But never forget the excitement I once had for the future. The ideas and dreams of having my own studio in Pixar may seem far fetched, but I won’t allow you to loose sight of that. No matter what you’re going through you need to remember not to give up and not to loose sight of what we’ve been dreaming about. There may be times when you think our dreams are too far gone. The excitement will probably ware off when the hard work comes in. But as you read this remember just how excited I was about my future when I wrote this letter to you. Maybe the position you’re in now has caused you to think we’ll never make it. But I’m telling you we will. I know you better then anyone, and I know deep down you won’t give up. Most importantly, don’t give up on art, no matter how frustrating it can be. I know some days it feels like you can’t do anything right. But those days will pass. New days will come, and I’m looking forward to those days. No matter how hard it gets never stop sculpting. Because I know with years of hard work we can do better with every creation. Step by step we will get better. I may not see it now, but I hope when I’m the one reading this I can look back and see how much I’ve improved. I’ll look back and laugh at the sculptures that I think are amazing right now because that’s how much I will improve. As for digital art. I know how daunting the task is. We constantly see art that seems better then ours and it seems impossible to reach. But as I’ve said before we need to keep trying and we’ll keep improving. You can’t give up on art because that’s how we let out our emotions. It doesn’t matter how horrible you think you are, you need to keep trying.

Don’t give up,


I want to encourage all of you to write a letter to yourself so you can stumble across it in the future.

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